(Steele says Washington DC is "ground zero" for pedophiles. 9 min 30)Ex CIA officer Robert Steele says Trump is surrounded by traitorswho want to ease him out ofoffice. He is focusing on electionpromises instead of consolidating his positionby purging traitors andreaching out to the 45% of the people who didn't vote.

. The above napkin shows how to get to the Pizza restaurant. The people promoting Pizzagate suggest that the colours on the map relate to a handkerchief code used by certain gay people. But, the wikipedia handkerchief code, used by the Pizzagate promoters, has been photoshopped so as to add the 'white' = 'pedo' category. "The photoshopper (Roger Stone or Seaman?) added a 'white' category to the homosexual underground handkerchief code (did Stone select this handkerchief code based on his own knowledge of this code, himself being involved in the homosexual underworld?).

Betsy DeVos reportedly felt "uncomfortable" with Trump's plans to undo protections for transgender students. Betsy DeVos Reportedly Felt "Uncomfortable". A parent has launched a lawsuit against the wrestling league because a transgender teen won... Transgender Kenosha teen's win not based on federal order Cinemas across the US to screen 1984 in protest against Donald Trump (UK)

... Jim Watkins runs 'The Goldwater', a pro-Trump site that supports the Pizzagate story. Jim Watkins is a 52-year old U.S. Army veteran, whom some people suspect is working for the CIA. ... Jim Cherney is Jim Watkins, who may or may not be Jewish. Watkins made a lot of money from "a pioneering Japanese porn website called Asian Bikini Bar."

Parents; the most loyal agents for the torture control Matrix. Web-Based Brain Damage and Mindless Data Consumption. The Trinity of Consciousness What Is Truth? ‘Live at AV7’ with guests Max Igan and Willem Felderhof TV is Mind Control through Physiological and Psychological Manipulation The Purpose Of Geoengineering And Chemtrails Is Death Mainstream Media Normalizing Geoengineering for Saving the Planet

Herbert. Trump has chosen General Herbert Raymond McMaster to be his National Security Advisor McMaster's prior assignments include Ft. Benning and the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. "Throughout his career, McMaster has established himself as a hawk against Russia... "In a 2016 speech to the Virginia Military Institute, McMaster stressed the need for the US to have 'strategic vision' in its fight against 'hostile revisionist powers' - such as Russia .

ISIS photo of Ronald Fiddler, aka Abu Zakariya al-Britani, aka Jamal al Harith, aka Jamal Udeen. Ronald Fiddler was born in Manchester in the UK to parents who had immigrated there from Jamaica. Ronald Fiddler. Ronald Fiddler worked as a web designer, the BBC reports. According to the BBC, Ronald Fiddler converted to Islam in the 1990s. Ronald Fiddler taught English at Khartoum University in Sudan, and then returned to the UK where he set up a computer business with his wife.
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